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Whole Win (Beijing) Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech. enterprise, registered in DaXing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Area. Our company is a key development top industry and Leader in metal hydride solid state hydrogen storage industry. Our company focus on the research and development, industrialization of metal hydride hydrogen storage materials, devices and solutions. Our company, possessing a top professional technical development team in China, has whole set of technology and sustained research and development competences, with years of production and operation experience.

Enterprise Vision: Become the first-class supplier of energy storage material (solid hydrogen storage, etc) and energy solution home and abroad. Promote the large scale application of hydrogen energy and other renewable energy, improve the energy application frame, solve the energy needs and environment problems to achieve the constant development of human and environment.

We are the council member of:

· China Materials Research Society;

· Hydrogen Storage, Transportation and Application Working Group of China Federation of Logistics &  Purchasing;

· Beijing Energy Association;

· Zhongguancun Credit Promotion Association.

We are the member of:

· China Rare Earth Industry Association;

· Zhongguancun Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Industry Alliance;

· China Energy Storage Alliance;

· Zhongguancun Excellent and High Growth Enterprise Innovation Alliance;

· Zhongguancun Haixinlian Emerging Industry Promotion Association;

· Zhongguancun Core Area Military-Civilian Integration Industry Alliance.

Company vision: To become a world-leading supplier of solid-state hydrogen storage materials, devices and solutions.

Our main products are metal hydride hydrogen storage device, hydrogen purification device, hydrogen supercharging device, hydrogen storage alloy, etc. The high power hydrogen storage alloy is the industrialization product of the 11th five-year plan "863" major project undertaken by us. The project of hydrogen storage alloy for Ni-MH battery has won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of Chinese Materials Research Society.

The metal hydride hydrogen storage device realizes the solid-state storage of hydrogen with mature technology and stable quality. It has the advantages of large hydrogen storage density, high safety, no energy consumption and no leakage, and can reach the density of liquid hydrogen. It has been successfully applied in equipment hydrogen source, fuel cell, protective gas, hydrogen purification and other fields, and can also be used in energy storage, hydrogen fueling stations and other fields. The products have passed the achievement qualification of the Nonferrous Metals Association. The overall technology has reached national leading level, and some indicators have reached international advanced level.

About Us
About Us
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Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Tank
Hydrogen Storage Alloy Used for Metal Hydride Tank
Hydrogen Storage Alloy Used for Ni-MH Battery
Hydrogen Generator
Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Generator
Portable Hydrogen-using Instrument, Portable Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell Two-Wheeler
Fuel Cell Forklift
Fuel Cell Cold-Chain Logistics Vehicle
Fuel Cell Sightseeing Vehicle
Fuel Cell Backup Power Supply
Hydrogen Transportation
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Metal Hydride Hydrogen Purification Device
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