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Hydrogen Generator

Product introduction

High purity hydrogen generator is a new high-tech product developed on the foundation of the technology of "SPE" hydrogen production technology. This product produces hydrogen with purity higher than 99.999% with direct electrolysis of pure water, the working pressure is 0-0.7 MPa. It is composed of compound "SPE" electrolytic tank, water storage tank, hydrogen/water separator, dryer, pressure controller, pressure regulation, flow regulation, switching power supply, water level control and other components.

Main Technical Parameter


HYH- 300


Purity of produced hydrogen

99.999 %

output pressure


Output flow

0 -300 ml/min

0 -500 ml/min

power required

220V  50Hz

Biggest power consumed



Size of appearance





Characteristics of the Instruments

(1) Full-automatically controlled, easy to operate.

(2)The pressure of released hydrogen is steady, and the flow rate is digitally displayed on the LED, which is more perceivable.

(3) No consumable material is needed other than distilled water.

(4) High precision of pressure regulation, automatic protection of water shortage and over-pressure, safe and reliable, good stability and long service life.

(5) Can be used for hydrogen charging for metal hydride hydrogen storage device, safe and convenient.

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